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Firstly, if you’ve made your way to this post there’s a good chance you’re pretty recently engaged so a massive congrats is definitely in order! This is without a doubt a mega-exciting time and I’m sure your heads are spinning with ideas and planning and all these thoughts about what kind of day you’re going to have. You want something that represents the couple you are and feels as ‘you’ as possible. 

As a starting point, and you may already have this going, but I recommend making a Pinterest board. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re DIYing everything or having everything wrapped in burlap (though it’s totally cool if you are!), it’s just a good place to store all your ideas from your hours (days?) perusing different blogs and sites for inspo. It keeps things central and stops those magic late-night ideas from being forgotten in the morning. 

Wedding planning is ridiculously exciting but it can often be hard to dodge the cringe and overdone trends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing something that has been done before but it can be tough to ensure you’re doing something because it’s what you want vs doing it because ‘that’s what is done at weddings’. 

This round up of blogs, some Australian and some international, is in my opinion a great place to see some of the creative and amazing things couples have done so you can build your own ideas from there. These blogs are full of fashion, creativity and originality that will put you straight into inspo mode so you can start cooking up your very own incredible plans. 

Hello May | hellomay.com.au

Based in Sydney, Hello May has really been at the forefront of showcasing Australian and NZ weddings for the last decade. Their online blog features well-styled, modern and unique weddings with daily additions and a quarterly publication stacked to the brim with amazing content.

Together Journal | togetherjournal.com

Hailing from NZ, Together Journal again offers both a digital and print editions featuring gorgeous weddings from around the world NZ, Australia and internationally. I always consider Together Journal to have a slightly more gentle and intimate vibe compared to other wedding blogs. You can find Rosie & Jonnie’s UK wedding that I photographed in Together Journal here.

Ivory Tribe | ivorytribe.com.au

Ivory Tribe comes out of Melbourne and features Australian and international weddings that are stylish, unique and maybe slightly more urban. They also have a great Instagram that is always full of stunning content and genuinely helpful insights and ideas. Anna & George’s wedding that I photographed can be found in Ivory Tribe here.

Anti-Bride | antibride.com.au

Of all the blogs mentioned, I think Anti-Bride is the newest and it really brings different approach to wedding blogging. It’s super fashion-focused and favours ultra-modern, stylish trends and is fairly anti-traditional. Blogs like this are so important to showing couple’s that their wedding can be exactly how they want and that they don’t need to perpetuate any wedding cliches at all. 

Nouba | nouba.com.au

Nouba is probably the more colourful and ‘fun’ of the wedding blogs and while it’s still full of amazing inspo for weddings overall, it also has a strong DIY element for couple’s looking to get their mits dirty and bring their vision to life themselves using their own two hands.

WedShed | wedshed.com.au

Originally and primarily a venue guide, WedShed is the first place I would look when trying to find the perfect location for a wedding. It features thorough guides on venues all around Australia and has beautiful styling and ideas to match. 

The Lane | thelane.com

The Lane is an international blog that manages somehow to have a perfect understanding of every location they feature heavily. I would describe it as modern and classically fashion-focused with timeless style. It often showcases stylish European weddings from Italy, France and Spain as well as beautiful ideas and trends. 

Green Wedding Shoes | greenweddingshoes.com

Green Wedding Shoes is one of the biggest wedding blogs in the world and has been for a long time. It’s maybe more of a quantity over quality approach and so finding the right inspo can require a lot of sifting but there are countless articles on planning tips and ideas that will help get your mind in the zone.

Junebug Weddings | junebugwedding.com

As with Green Wedding Shoes, Junebug has been around a long time and is full ideas and inspo across the whole spectrum of wedding planning but it can take some sorting through to find the gold. It can be a little more traditional but hidden amongst it all is definitely a tonne of amazing planning resources.

Thanks so much for reading through this blog guide and I really hope it helps ignite some creativity and sends you into a Pinterest-pinning frenzy. I honestly think going through all the amazing ideas and planning that people before you have done is the best launching block to creating your own wedding that represents you both as a couple.

Don’t forget that I’m always happy to help with any advice you want – photography related or not. I’ve been to a couple of hundred weddings and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and I’m an open book

And lastly, if you’ve just gotten engaged, then check out my list of the best engagement photo locations around the South Coast here, and you can check if I’m available for your wedding date by getting in touch here.