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I'm Spencer - South Coast NSW Wedding Photographer.

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As a youngster I grew up in South Australia and you’d generally find me on the beach, shredding (or so I thought at the time) on guitar or working at the local vineyards. When I was old enough, I set off on the hunt for a bit of adventure and found it up and down the east coast. Life took me over west where I met a beautiful lady with a questionable sense of humour, and after she endured some time travelling around Australia, we were married and off backpacking for a while before coming back to Australia and producing a couple of long haired scruffy beach kids and settling (after a brief but cold stint in the UK) on NSW’s South Coast. Now I just need to convince her we should get a dog and life will be complete.

I've loved photography and all things aesthetic and creative for as long as I can remember. I love films and cinema, but still photography just has this element to it that is hard to describe. It's a frozen moment. It's equally 100% honest and also so open to interpretation at the same time. Being able to create an image that doesn't just document what happened but truly shows what it felt like to be there or how it felt to be in that moment - there's nothing like it. There's nothing better than finishing an image and knowing it perfectly translates all those things you felt into something tangible.

We won't be young forever, I won't have young kids forever - all of us are slowly moving through life and being able to create portals back to moments is a powerful thing and a bloody amazing thing to give other people.

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Hey Spencer we both just wanted to take the time to thank you for photographing our wedding. It honestly just felt like having another friend there but you captured everything so perfectly and we've loved going back through the photos again and again already. Seriously - thanks Spencer for making these life long memories for us and it was a real pleasure hanging out.

We’ve just had a look and we LOVE them!! I’ve been crying again haha! Thank you so much for everything! We’ve been talking to the family and guests over the last few days and everyone has said how amazing you were.

The whole day was perfect, just how we wanted! We are so unbelievably glad that we booked you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’ve just watched the whole thing with a glass of wine and laughed and cried! And then we got this email about Macsen having taken one of the photographs!

So so wonderful. Thank you so much. We couldn’t love them more and will look at them forever.

(Spencers note: Macsen is their 1 year old who helped me take some photos during the day!)

— Natalie & Jack

— Gethin & Rebecca

— DOM & Kat

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