6 May, 2022

5 Ethical Wedding Flower Ideas for Those Who Want Eco-friendly Flowers

In this big old world of getting married, the spectrum of florals available to you as a couple might seem enormous – maybe even endless. From your bouquets, button holes, styling and more, there are so many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day and I think with so much inspo out there, the whole thing can feel a little overwhelming. When it comes to choosing eco-friendly and ethical wedding flowers, however, things can seem quite a bit more limited. A lot of Sydney florists that cater for weddings are only able to provide flowers that are more easily mass produced and cheaper to attain, which is fine if they happen to be the style you want. But what if you want something different? What if you want your wedding flowers to not just look absolutely incredible but also to be ethically sourced? The good news is that with some research, planning, and preparation — it is entirely possible. This post is going to share some great tips on how you can have an eco-friendly and ethical wedding without sacrificing your own personal style or vibe. 


Shop local and organic florists

You may be surprised to learn that the flowers in your bouquet may have come from a field thousands of kilometres away. And while flowers such as roses, orchids, and lilies may seem like a natural fit for a wedding, in many cases they’re actually imported from interstate or even internationally. This makes them not only expensive but also not as eco-friendly as they may look. Plus, the carbon footprint is not ideal either. Instead, find a florist near you who has put in the time to locate ethical flower suppliers. This will likely mean searching for a florist that uses local, organically grown flowers. These flowers not only look beautiful, but are also much more eco-friendly and you’re supporting local growers. Massive win win. 


Choose seasonal flowers

When choosing flowers, it’s important to keep in mind what time of year you are celebrating. Doing so will not only keep your bouquets eco-friendly but may also help keep costs down. Picking seasonal flowers means sourcing them during the time of year when they are available to be harvested for your wedding. This allows for them to be grown organically and ethically with less pesticide, meaning they are not harmful to the environment or human health. Plus, seasonal flowers are also usually much cheaper because they are in high supply and, therefore, easier to harvest. Most important of all, though, seasonal flowers just look so much better. You don’t want your bouquets to be overflowing with flowers that are wilted and struggling to stay alive — you want them to be bursting with lush, beautiful, vibrant flowers.


Be specific about your sourcing requirements

One of the biggest issues when it comes to ethical wedding flowers is that many florists don’t know what it actually means to be ethical. This might mean that you have to do a bit of digging to find a florist that is truly eco-friendly and responsible. The likelihood is that if a florist has gone to the effort of sourcing genuinely eco-friendly flowers, they’ll probably tell you. I know I would. For example, if you are wanting your wedding flowers to be vegan, it means that they are sourced and harvested in a way that doesn’t harm or kill wildlife — including bees. While this may sound like a trivial thing to ask, some florists might not even know that native bee populations are threatened and that increasing demand for flowers that Australian bees really love can be so helpful. So be specific about your sourcing requirements and don’t settle for anything less than ethical!


Go for handmade, artisan bouquets

Admittedly more of a stylistic choice rather than an ethical one, but opting for truly handmade, artisan bouquets and styling is a sure-fire way to get a really unique look specific to your wedding. Unfortunately, these types of bouquets are often the most expensive, which isn’t exactly ideal for the wedding budget! But by finding a florist and stylist who specialises in handcrafted bouquets that are made from ethically sourced flowers, you’re going to be triple-sure you’re getting eco-friendly styling from people who care as much about how your day looks as you do.


Use only sustainable flowers

There are plenty of flowers that are sustainably grown and in fact you can probably find – with a little effort – a truly sustainable option for most flowers. This doesn’t mean that you can pick any type of flower you want and call it eco-friendly – you need to be careful when it comes to choosing the types of flowers you are going to use. You can check to see if there are sustainable certification programs in your area. Or you can take the even more personable route and hand-pick your own flowers even if it’s just for your table-settings. 

Reuse or gift your flowers

With all this effort going into one big day (or a weekend if you’re having yourself a Wedstival), it would be tragic to see everything just being discarded the following day. Instead, find places you can gift your flowers like local care homes or hospitals or if you want to keep a longer memory from your day, consider drying your bouquets. I really love dried flowers in our home as an aesthetic (I don’t love constantly vacuuming up bits of them but it is what it is) and when done right, they can last almost a year. You can even buy dried bouquets for your actual wedding day which is going to make it easier on the back than carrying a big bouquet (which are surprisingly heavy!).