I take a really natural approach to photographing weddings - I honestly just don't see any value in staged and posed photographs. To me, the aim is to document how it felt to be there on the day and to find all the little moments (that are, actually, really big moments) and photograph them in a way that showcases the connection you both have to each other, and to the people you've selected to be with you on your day. It's all about just documenting the celebration as it happened while making you look amazing in the process. The laughing, crying and everything in between - it's all as important to photograph.

When it comes to couples photos - I like to capture the way you are with each other; the way you hug, the way walk together, the way you look at each other. To me, those are far more important than any stiff, awkward pose. I think movement is beautiful and helps people feel relaxed and forget that I'm there.

Even though it's 'documentary' photography, that doesn't mean I'm silent and uninvolved at all. I actually find that by speaking and connecting with people, I'm able to help them feel more comfortable being photographed. This lets me capture really honest, unguarded emotion - something weddings are full of and something that adds depth and meaning to your story.

After you've been around people at weddings a lot, you get a feel for being in the right place at the right time. This isn't just for big moments like 'the kiss', or coming back down the aisle - it could be as simple as knowing when a speech was really heartfelt, and photographing what it means to different people. It can also mean knowing who is going to be 'shirt unbuttoned wedding-mosh-pitting' to Mr Brightside on the dance floor. Both are equally as important to capture.

my approach to observing and capturing your day in a way that is natural, aesthetic and genuine.

focusing on the real stuff that makes your day about you.

Something I've always been wary of when it comes to capturing weddings is to not take 'wedding photographs'.

To me it isn't about checking a list of the types of photos you take at a wedding; it's about photographing the day in a way that documents the real, genuine moments in a way that is meaningful, considered and beautiful.

If you look through my work, I hope that in each image (you can actually flick through a fair few below) you get a sense of what it felt like to be there and you can imagine yourself in that moment. I find it often when I'm editing the images after, I can look at the photograph and remember how I felt when I took it; what it felt like to be there. I really hope you get the same feeling.

I think of myself as more of a photographer of togetherness. You both with each other, with your friends, with your family; the people you select to have with you on this day really means a lot and this goes for whether you're having just the two of you (I'm always happy to be one of the witnesses), a group of 30 or 40, or 200+ punters. I want to create images of this time you're sharing together.

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Your dress might end up a mess, it might rain, you might get sore feet, it might be windy, you might drop your flowers, it might be hot, it might be cold. None of this really matters - they're just a part of your day as it happened. Embrace it and let it happen.

We aren't in control of how things pan out, and my job isn't to make the day some pristine, Stepford celebration. It's to help you celebrate the day entirely and without inhibition. In 20 years, you won't care that it rained, but you'll love that you took it in your stride and partied the day away anyway.


Gahhh! We're awkward. We're scared of having out photo taken!

Are you the right photographer for us?

You know what - this is 98% of people. Barely anyone is right up for being in front of the camera all day being told what to do. Luckily, that's not my approach. For the most part, you'll barely notice me taking photos and I certainly won't be demanding you do this or that. The most involved I'll be is with the portrait session and I promise this is 100%* pain free. (*not 100% but pretty close).

If you're looking for a photographer with a natural approach and a very slight penchant for an editorial feel, then I reckon I might be. But only you know this for sure. If you can see yourself in my images and feel like we might get along, let's at least have a chat and see where it takes us.

Should we meet first?

Why are you a wedding photographer?

Stopping by the lovely seaside Austinmer for a coffee is highly advised - but if that's logistically a nightmare, we can jump on a FaceTime or a Zoom. It's good to have a chat, and get a bit of a feeling to make sure I'm the perfect photographer for you.

Because I get to hang out with amazing people (you guys) on one of the best days of your life AND I get to create beautiful photographs for you. It's a dream. I've been doing this a while now and I'm yet to not enjoy a day at work and I do everything I can to make sure you do, too.

Do you travel?

Do you offer albums and prints?

I sure do - I'm often documenting weddings all around Australia and my package includes all travel and expenses within the South Coast, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Sydney, Newcastle, Centre West and Canberra. If it's further afield, I might just need to be put up for the night in some accommodation and flown there.

I have a relationship with the best print labs in Australia and you're able to order prints direct through your gallery if you want. You're of course able to go print anywhere else you'd like, too. Albums are also available for purchase either before or after your wedding.