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I’m a big lover of every kind of wedding. Enormous, tiny, city, mountains, ocean, backyard, farm – all of it. And I’d absolutely love to help you good humans document yours.

I offer 6 or 9 hours packages and to be sure you’re getting what you need, I recommend chatting to see what works best for the day you’re having.

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I love albums. I absolutely love them. The whole reason I do what I do is to create a way for you to relive, revisit and feel all those moments again and doing that with something tangible amplifies that thousands of times. To actually hold something in your hands, to take it from the bookshelf, or the coffee table – to open it when you have time together, or to share it with friends, family, kids, their kids. It makes it mean so much more. Imagine you’re there in 20 years time, having a slow Sunday morning together after a manic week and you sit and relive that day from decades prior and feel all those feelings again. It’s a feeling that digital won’t ever match.


Have you ever had the chance to look through your parents wedding album, or even your grandparents wedding album? The experience of peeling back pages to reveal another set of images from another time – of two people long before you existed with their lives ahead of them. It’s a gift not just for yourself, but for future generations. And it’s worth it. Creating the photographs is on me, but enjoying them in this tactile way for years and years to come is all on you.

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