South Coast Couple’s Shoot Locations

My top 5 locations

Couple’s shoots can be great before the wedding to ease your nerves and see how your photographer works, or to celebrate getting engaged, to mark an anniversary or even just for the sake of having beautiful photos together.

Scarborough Beach

This beach is one of my favourites with its golden sand, the bay shape and the amazing waves. It’s always got such a nice chilled vibe and looks stunning in the late afternoon sun. The sun dips below the escarpment early-ish and you’re left with creamy soft light. There’s generally plenty of parking, and on weeknights, it’s rarely too busy. You can enter the beach in front of the car park and it’s a nice 150m walk towards the headland – all of which looks amazing with a handful of surfing getting waves as your backdrop.

LOCATION ADDRESS: Scarborough 2515

Coalcliff Beach

Just a few headlands around from Scarborough sits a slightly lesser known beach that has beautiful rocky points and, thanks to the coal in the area, a darker sand beach which is perfect for more tonal, moody images. The sand is more shaley here, too, and it feels like an entirely different place. There’s plenty of parking and there are rarely many people around – especially at the rocky point where I usually photograph here.

LOCATION ADDRESS: Coalcliff 2515

Wattamolla Beach

I usually reserve this location for winter months as it’s a popular beach otherwise. I love this spot because it’s in the thick of the national park and so you have a few different looking locations all in a small space; sand dunes, bushy areas, the beach and cliffs. You can really make a proper afternoon of it here by bringing a little wine and making it ultra relaxed. 

LOCATION ADDRESS: Wattamolla Road, Royal National Park

Bombo Headland

One of my FAVOURITE places in the world to photograph. It has a surreal landscape that includes beautiful dry long grass that catches amazing afternoon sun, plenty of cliffs with dramatic ocean backdrops, dry grassy hills and small bushy areas. Because of everything available to you here, it really looks perfect in any condition. However, my favourite is warm autumn/spring afternoons just as the sun is going down. It does require a 5-10 minute walk from the carpark and you’re best to go with someone who knows the way on your first trip. 

LOCATION ADDRESS: Bombo Headland Car Park

Stanwell Park Beach

I know – there’s a bit of a theme here with beaches. But I honestly love being near the water so much and there’s something about the expanse of the ocean as a backdrop that just reflects a couple being together so perfectly. Stanwell Park, just around the corner from Coalcliff, is slightly busier than the rest but you can still get it to yourself during the weeknight towards sunset. I love the headland on the south end of the beach. The escarpment is a little further back here so you also get really warm sunlight late into the afternoon.

LOCATION ADDRESS: Stanwell Park 2515

So that’s my list of my favourite places for couple’s shoots on South Coast NSW. However, it is far from exhaustive and I’m always up for checking out new places with adventurous people. Being surrounded by escarpment, national parks and amazing beaches we’re never short for incredible places to explore. 
I hope you’ve found this useful and if you want to check anything with me, or if you’re keen to have me along to photograph your wedding or couple’s shoot, hit the contact page and let me know. I’d love to hear from you!